Pull data, no fuzz. Just clean data.

Raw pulls financial data from multiple sources into your favorite reporting, analytics and business intelligence software. It doesnt matter if your a Google- or Microsoft fan, we delivery the data and leave the analyzing or reporting up to you.

Visualise data through raw

Create amazing reports in Power BI. Get access to your data through Raw. Vizualize data from multiple resources. Connect, update and automate your work.

Spend less time fetching data

Simplifiy your workflow with the raw-side panel to Google Sheet. Feed financial data directly into your google sheet. Click and insert. Easy, fast and simple.

BigQuery + Google sheets

Access massive datasets using connected sheets. Connected Sheets allows you to unlock big data insights with features you’re already familiar with in Sheets such as pivot tables, charts and formulas, that can be automatically refreshed with new data from BiqQuery. Visualize data on massive datasetes. Familiar features. Stunningly powerful and fast.




Get access to accounting data directly from your ERP system such as general ledger, order- salesdata and more.


Pull data from your favorite eCommerce plattfrom into Google sheets to analyze and report on your data combined with other sources.


Retrieve payment data directly from your paymentsupplier for reconziliation into Google Sheets.


With raw you can get all of your data converted into any main currency of your choice.

Time Tracking

Fetch logged hours from your timetracking system through raw to make amazing reports combined with other input from accounting.

Some of our platforms

Feed into your preferred business inntelligence software
Fetch data direclty into Google Sheet
Use Google Data studio for amazing visualizations
Feed data into your preferred data warehouse system

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